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Delivering quality products to
the Australian hardware market.

We offer Local Service and National Strength through an experienced sales team, innovative marketing and a unique network of nation-wide distribution centres.



We have been launching and developing brands in the Australian Hardware market for over 20 years. We can open doors to all of Australia’s leading hardware retailers for you. Our long term relationships with the major hardware retailers means that we know their needs. We can help you to tailor your product to give you the best chance of success. Our warehousing, distribution, logistics and sales network supports our national presence.

Our SALES commitment
Our energetic and experienced field sales team will work with you to create a valued partnership. We strive to deliver the best outcomes for our customers and partners through:
  • Local representation in every state and territory
  • Commitment to regular calls across multiple channels
  • Trusted and long-standing Key Account relationships
  • Use of technology and data to identify and drive opportunities
  • Superior training and support programs
  • Driving marketing initiatives

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Our marketing team is always looking for new ways to innovate and promote our products. Our marketing department specialises in:
  • New product launch and development
  • B2B and B2C marketing programs
  • Targeted campaigns across Digital, TV, Radio & Print media
  • Field sales connectivity
  • Expo and Tradeshow representation
  • Collaborating with suppliers and retailers

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Our TRAINING know-how
We understand product knowledge drives sales. We're all about helping our customers understand our products so they can help their customers.
  • Fun and informative training programs for retail staff
  • Hands-on product demonstrations
  • In-house team training events
  • Understanding and connecting with end-users
  • Comprehensive training material and resources

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Local Supply!
We know that speed to market and replenishment times are key to any retailer’s success. Our unique, nation-wide network of distribution centres guarantees fast, reliable supply.
  • 6 warehouse locations nation-wide
  • Advanced inventory forecasting and management
  • Container unloading capabilities in each location
  • Accurate and efficient delivery service

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We thrive on change and see innovation as a requirement for growth and success in an evolving marketplace. Innovation and creative problem solving is a key part of our business strategy. We focus on creating more efficient work processes, better productivity and greater performance for our partners and customers.