Local Service, National Strength. We are our motto.

Local Service:

Our decision to decentralise our warehouses and teams has proven to be one of our greatest strengths.
Australia is a huge country with diverse needs, our local teams have great relationship with their retailers.
They know what is needed in their region and how to best meet the needs of their customers.

National Strength:

The local teams have the advantage of being backed by a national company with the technology, marketing and support that they need to do the best for our customers. We represent brands and manufacturers from all over the world. Our customers and suppliers expect us to be world class and we strive to for this.

Our Local Service, National
Strength is underpinned by Reliability.

Reliability is fundamental in business. In order to achieve this reliability we are committed to adding value to all our key stakeholders; customers, suppliers, staff and shareholders. Adding value means much more than just a dollar figure. For us it is about the learning, knowledge and support that we provide

Meet the Team

Gavin Carey
Managing Director
Damian Newcombe
Marketing Director
David Foy
Finance Manager